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Happy Birthday!!!

Why Carpentry Jobs Are Awesome
February 9, 2017
February 12, 2017
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Happy Birthday!!!



Oji Promise

Oji Promise

Over the years, I have passed through series of tutelage of different sorts,I have come to realize that we are all equal, a leader or a subordinate is just ceremonial or mere nomenclature, while we lead, we learn. Learning never stops; the day we stop learning it means we are dead. We strive to improve ourselves and build a learning figure for onlookers. These were part of my starting points in life. You cannot impose an act without being that act or a rule without showing ability to be ruled, be what you preach not the opposite if you must pass a coherent message with ease. With this I learn to act within the context of life to follow sequence without leaving the line.

It will be easy for me to unravel that life has taught me to be attentive; learning through every series I find myself in as there is always something to keep in every situation. This is why becoming a CARPENTER was easy, because I was able to learn over time, even the profession that seem quite aloof from my major.

I am grateful to God for Life. Life itself is a teacher and also a listener; waits for you to make your mark so it can teach you; whether favorable or unfavorable, you will have to decide from the onset. I am ready to make my mark… If you will join me.

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